A Sin For Him

A Sin For Him

In a world filled with hate and intolerance to no end,

How ludicrous it was to fall in love with my best friend.

I didn’t mean for it to happen; it was nothing but chance,

He smiled at me once and I fell in love at a glance.

Closer and closer we grew as we both felt the connection.

At long last my mirror did not show a sad reflection.

Alas my parents found out and called me a disgrace,

My father punched me in the jaw and spat in my face.

I ran to his house and sought solace in his arms,

Where he held me close and promised to keep me from harm.

He whispered, “I love you” and I shot up in surprise,

Searched his face and found the honest truth in his eyes.

He laid me down in his bed and it felt so divine,

After weeks of waiting his lips finally found mine.

Lying there in his arms made me feel so complete,

I fell asleep that night with my head on his heartbeat.

Yet that one night of perfection was the last of his life,

As my whole world crashed down upon the blade of a knife.

My father had told every listening soul he could find;

The crazed and blind fools of the Church were not kind.

He promised he’d be back straight after school,

But he was cornered and suffered acts beyond cruel.

Darkness fell in my heart as I set out to find him,

Crying in worry and panic as crippling fear had set in.

I found him in an alley and my heart simply stopped;

I sprinted over to his body and over him I dropped.

I begged and I cried but nobody answered my plea,

I stared into his eyes but his eyes could not see me.

At the funeral of my angel I kissed his forehead goodbye,

As I listened to the priest claim what we felt was a lie.

I stood shaking in his house with a feeling so eerie;

Only days without him and my world was nothing but dreary.

I remembered his smile, and the way his eyes shined,

Once blue, bold, and bright, now dead, dull, and blind.

I remembered his embrace, and the feel of his touch,

Living with him trapped in my memories was simply too much.

I could not bring myself to stand us being apart,

His love touched my soul and he warmed my dear heart.

The love we had shared was reduced to a mere ember,

My hands were shaking as I loaded a bullet into the chamber.

Trembling and crying the gun kissed the back of my head,

Oh, how I wished it was me that they had murdered instead.

I whispered, “I love you” to the boy I admired,

Took a deep breath as I closed my eyes and fired.

I was found the next day by my true love’s poor brother,

Who waited for the ambulance and informed my mother.

There were no tears and no regrets were expressed;

I had brought shame to the family and this outcome was best.

My funeral was different; there was nobody there,

To hear a disingenuous sermon from a priest without care.
I was buried that day in the plot next to his,

Just two sinful queers the world would not miss.


Now to the Church that condemns and detests,

I look down upon you with unbridled contempt.

You smug faced c---- who deem your fiction eternal,

Who the f--- are you to say that their love isn’t real?


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Winning A University Medal.

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