Submission Guide

The Nucleus accepts submissions, day and night, at any point throughout the year.

Our content has four main categories:

  • N.E.W.S. - This is the section where we have any relevant news to students. This can include Government Policy, University announcements, Clubs and Societies, Colleges and local events.
  • NARRATIONS - This section is for feature articles that fit a specific theme, or a longer than typical article, that needs the space to get an important message across. 
    Basically: what do you care about?
  • VISIONS - This is otherwise known as the "creative section" where submitted artworks, creative writing (including poetry) and photography will go.
  • IDLE - This is the entertainment section of the magazine where reviews of games, tv shows, books and movies will go. In here you will sometimes find sport, food and recipes, Clubs and Societies events and information, and anything fun from around UNE.


We, the Editors of the Nucleus, have the right to edit any submissions within reason. This includes grammar, spelling and structure. We will not change the meaning of your article.  

If your article does not comply to the journalist code of ethics, we have the right to either:

  • Not accept your article
  • Ask for a revised version that complies with the code of ethics
  • Or if only in slight breach, edit the article accordingly

Any major editing that changes the overall meaning of your article will be shown to you for your approval. We are happy to work with you to help you produce an article that meets the code of ethics. Any further issues regarding an article will be discussed.

The code of ethics can be found here

If you are unhappy with how your article has been edited once it has been published, we give you the right of reply to write about your article if you believe the meaning has been changed.

If you do not give approval of our editing your article will not be put into the Nucleus until you do.

In the "Contact Us" section of this website you'll find a way to send us any text-based only articles or letters.

If you choose to be anonymous with your submission, do not put an email or name along with your submission. As we cannot then contact you regarding editing, we, the editors, have the right to edit the submission accordingly. If you are displeased with the editing that has been done to your article once it has been published, you have the right of reply in the form of a letter to the editor. 

If you ever want to email us directly you can find our email address at the bottom of the page, in the Contact Us page or even our Facebook page.

In regards to word limits and the like, we ask the following:

  • An average article, especially if it is pertaining to news, to keep it closer to 300-400 words.
  • An important issue that needs to be addressed and therefore needing more detail should be anywhere from 400-600 words.
  • For a feature article, however, we ask for a word count somewhere between 600 and 900 words.
  • If an article has an image to go with it then it needs to be much closer to the 600 words mark.
  • Just as important as anything above this is - consider who you're writing for. Consider your audience and understand that you are writing for University Students.


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